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			pemphigus · pemphigus vulgaris
			contact dermatitis · dermatophytosis
			basal cell carcinoma · nevus

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     		32341208 A painless, solitary, yellow-pink
			colored, vascularized, firm nodule on the

			32317404 Blue palms and nails: A clue to
			diagnosis of alkaptonuria.

			32295963 Lack of association of IL-10
			(rs1800896) and IL-13 (rs1800925) with
			non-segmental vitiligo susceptibility in South
			Indian population.

			32270768 Giant Koenen tumors involving 20

			32270767 Pigmented linear discoid lupus
			erythematosus following the lines of Blaschko:
			A retrospective study of a Chinese series.

			32245938 Dr. B K Girdhar - Journey of a Divine

			32245937 Urea occlusion prior to single session
			fractional CO2laser as a treatment in

			32245936 Pulmonary tuberculosis in association
			with Erasmus syndrome.

			32242872 Novel ATP2A2 mutation in a large
			Chinese pedigree with extensive Darier's disease.

			32242871 Study of visfatin expression in acne
			patients in tissue and serum.

			32242870 Follicular lichen planus pigmentosus
			in blaschkoid pattern: Superimposed segmental

			32242869 Intratherapeutic dermoscopy assists
			nevus removal by laser therapy.

			32242868 Generalized hypertrichosis in an
			infant after treatment with propranolol for
			infantile hemangioma.

			32242867 Secondary syphilis as a single
			annular plaque on the penis mimicking granuloma

			32242866 Recurrent spontaneous forehead
			ecchymoses with headache: A distinctly curious

			32235102 A case of metastatic malignant
			melanoma in congenital systemic dermal

			32235101 A novel loci of the HR gene in Marie
			- Unna hereditary hypotrichosis using
			whole-exome sequencing.

			32235100 Polyethylene tube as an attachment
			to universal serial bus (USB) dermatoscope
			for preventing cross-infection.

			32209755 Linear granuloma annulare localized
			to the finger.

			32209754 Blaschkoid hypermelanosis in a
			patient with ring 18 chromosome.

			32167072 Asymptomatic brownish hyperkeratotic
			scaly plaque on the thigh.

			32167071 Analysis of submissions, editorial
			and peer-review process, and outcome of
			manuscripts submitted to the Indian Journal
			of Dermatology Venereology and Leprology
			over a 6-month period.

			32167070 The efficacy of measles-mumps-rubella
			vaccine versus salicylic acid-lactic paint in the
			treatment of warts.

			32134002 An observational study to determine
			the sensitizing potential of orthopedic implants.

			32108616 Yellow urticaria in a patient with
			alcohol-related liver cirrhosis and jaundice.

			32108615 Concomitant trichotillomania,
			trichotemnomania and skin picking disorder
			in a woman.

			32068196 Leonine facies.

			32068195 A mycological study of tinea corporis:
			A changing epidemiological trend from
			Trichophyton rubrum to Trichophyton
			mentagrophytes in India.

			32068194 Alopecia areata in a girl: A conundrum
			of endocrinopathies.

			32068193 Sturge-Weber syndrome coexisting
			with multiple vertebral vascular malformations
			and hemivertebra with scoliosis and upper limb
			and ear hypertrophy.

			32068192 High prevalence of Mycoplasma
			genitalium in men who have sex with men: A
			cross-sectional study.

			32068191 Narrow-band ultraviolet B comb
			as an effective home-based phototherapy
			device for limited or localized non-segmental
			vitiligo: A pilot, open-label, single-arm clinical

			32056979 Granulomatous reaction following
			bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination: Successful
			response to clarithromycin.

			32056978 Assessment of in vitro antifungal
			susceptibility pattern of dermatophytes isolated
			from patients with onychomycosis attending
			a tertiary care hospital of East Delhi.

			32056977 IJDVL International Awards 2019.

			32056976 Dermoscopic features of various
			stages of lichen planus.

			32056975 Prof. Virendra Nath Sehgal (August
			09, 1936-January 17, 2020).

			32031111 When the eye does not see, the
			bone can grieve: An unusual presentation of
			secondary syphilis.

			32031110 The bidirectional association between
			type 2 diabetes and psoriasis: Two retrospective
			cohort studies.

			32031109 Lymphangiomas: Rare presentations
			in oral cavity and scrotum in pediatric age

			32031108 Examination of circumscribed palmar
			hypokeratosis with line-field confocal optical
			coherence tomography: Dermoscopic,
			ultrasonographic and histopathologic correlates.

			32031107 Multiple cherry angiomas and
			pyogenic granuloma in a patient treated with
			ramucirumab and paclitaxel.

			31997794 Effectiveness and safety of
			autologous platelet-rich plasma therapy with
			total contact casting versus total contact
			casting alone in treatment of trophic ulcer in
			leprosy: An observer-blind, randomized
			controlled trial.

			31997793 A descriptive observational study
			on clinical and dermoscopic features of benign
			melanocytic neoplasms.

			31997792 Multiplicity in clinical trial: An ignored

			31997791 Crizotinib-induced oral lichenoid

			31997790 Dermoscopic pitfall: Microcystic
			adnexal carcinoma mimicking basal cell

			31997789 Dehydrated human amnion/chorion
			membrane treatment of venous leg ulcers.

			31997788 Thermocol-based spacer for
			interventional dermoscopy.

			31975700 Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell

			31975699 Predatory journals.

			31975698 Nail disorders: A comprehensive

			31975697 Prevention of transmission of leprosy:
			The current scenario.

			31975696 Midface toddler excoriation syndrome.

			31975695 Assessment of liver and renal
			functions in human immunodeficiency
			virus-infected persons on highly active
			antiretroviral therapy: A mixed cohort study.

			31929232 Acneiform eruption secondary to

			31929231 A case of malignant syphilis
			complicated with myiasis in Northeast China.

			31929230 Linear papular pyogenic granuloma:
			An unusual presentation.

			31898641 Nonsegmental vitiligo follows
			Blaschko's lines and embryonic pigmentary

			31898640 Disseminated cutaneous Mycobacterium
			haemophilum infection in an immunocompromised
			Chinese patient presenting with multifocal

			31898639 Polarized and ultraviolet dermoscopy
			for the diagnosis of dermatophytosis of vellus

			31898638 Painful subcutaneous nodules on
			the trunk and forearm in a young man.

			31898637 Identification of clinical and
			immunological factors associated with clinical
			relapse of pemphigus vulgaris in remission.

			31898636 Lichen Planus Severity Index: A
			new, valid scoring system to assess the severity
			of cutaneous lichen planus.

			31868168 Two novel mutations of NF1 gene
			identified in Chinese patients with severe
			neurofibromatosis type 1.

			31857521 Type D personality is associated
			with poor quality of life, social performance,
			and psychological impairment in patients with
			moderate to severe psoriasis: A cross-sectional
			study of 130 patients.

			31857520 Thymocyte selection-associated
			high-mobility group box as a potential diagnostic
			marker differentiating hypopigmented mycosis
			fungoides from early vitiligo: A pilot study.

			31857519 Pili multigemini.

			31857518 Yellowish periumbilical plaque with
			keratotic papules.

			31823907 Can a test-dose of methotrexate
			cause methotrexate-induced epidermal

			31823906 Bullous pemphigoid triggered by
			rabies vaccine.

			31823905 Exacerbation of systemic lupus
			erythematosus in a patient with concomitant
			chronic plaque psoriasis treated with ustekinumab.

			31823904 IJDVL Awards 2019.

			31823903 Papules on the vulva and perianal
			area in a young woman.

			31823902 Comparison of efficacy of platelet-rich
			plasma therapy with or without topical 5%
			minoxidil in male-type baldness: A randomized,
			double-blind placebo control trial.

			31823901 Persistent papular varicella in an
			immunocompetent male.

			31823900 A case of multiple eruptive
			dermatofibromas in a Chinese man with chronic
			inactive hepatitis B infection.

			31793498 Impressive reddish nodules with
			neoplastic-like appearance in a patient with
			Alzheimer's disease.

			31793497 Novel and recurrent mutations in
			GJB3 and GJB4 cause erythrokeratodermia
			variabilis et progressiva.

			31793496 Future therapies in melasma: What
			lies ahead?

			31793495 A newborn with an oral mass:
			Non-neural granular cell tumor.

			31793494 Multiple minute digitate hyperkeratosis,
			familial type: A rare entity.

			31793493 Clinical dermatology through case

			31793492 Diagnosis and treatment response
			monitoring of scabies with reflectance confocal
			microscopy: A diagnostic pearl.

			31793491 A cross-sectional study of
			spontaneous repigmentation in vitiligo.

			31755479 Familial pityriasis rubra pilaris in a
			Chinese family caused by a novel mutation in
			CARD14 gene.

			31736466 Recurrent purpura: A clue to Sjögren's

			31736465 Trends and patterns of leprosy over
			a decade in a tertiary care hospital in Northern
			India: A retrospective analysis.

			31719235 Risk of tuberculosis with anti-tumor
			necrosis factor-alpha therapy in patients with
			psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in Indian

			31710000 Multiple inguinal basal cell carcinomas
			in the setting of intertrigo.

			31709999 Assessment of the role of spleen
			tyrosine kinase and zeta-chain-associated
			70-kDa protein (tyrosine) kinase in the
			pathogenesis of psoriasis: A case-controlled

			31650983 Efficacy of salicylic acid peel in

			31650982 Milia-like papules and cutaneous
			atrophy on the infraorbital area.

			31650981 Chronic subungual lesion in a young

			31650980 Calciphylaxis in a renal transplant

			31650979 A short, 8-week course of imiquimod
			5% cream versus podophyllotoxin in the
			treatment of anogenital warts: A retrospective
			comparative cohort study.

			31650978 A case of disseminated histoplasmosis
			presenting with facial and laryngeal involvement.

			31650977 Dermoscopy of arteriovenous

			31650976 First-time versus recurrent
			penoscrotal extramammary Paget's disease:
			Clinicopathological characteristics and risk
			factors in 164 Chinese male patients.

			31608898 Solitary hard plaque on scalp with
			pustules: An unusual case of secondary osteoma

			31607716 Early clinical and histological changes
			induced by microneedling in facial melasma:
			A pilot study.

			31584017 Utility of trichoscopy to diagnose
			early female pattern hair loss in resource-poor
			setting: A cross-sectional study.

			31584016 Sorafenib-induced grade III hand-foot
			skin reaction with ulcerative dermatitis on
			scrotum, penis, and earlobe.

			31571617 Is cyclosporine a good option for
			the treatment of subcutaneous panniculitis-like
			T-cell lymphoma associated with hemophagocytic

			31571616 A portable fluorescence spectrometer
			as a noninvasive diagnostic tool in dermatology:
			A cross-sectional observational study.

			31571615 Unilateral vancomycin-induced linear
			IgA bullous dermatosis.

			31571614 Blue vitiligo: A dermoscopic

			31571613 Dermoscopic findings of Spitz nevus
			on acral volar skin.

			31571612 A rare case of phakomatosis
			pigmentovascularis type IIb associated with
			inverse Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome and
			Sturge-Weber syndrome.

			31571611 Adult-onset Still's disease presenting
			as blotchy and flagellate pigmentation.

			31571610 Application of a "fish mouth flap"
			combined with an orbicularis oculi myocutaneous
			flap after surgical removal of basal cell carcinoma
			in the facial buccal region.

			31571609 Co-occurrence of lichen striatus in

			31552839 Wonder drug for worms: A review
			of three decades of ivermectin use in

			31552838 Human lice: Spectators and actors
			of the history of humanity through the ages.

			31552837 Aberrant expression of bradykinin
			b2 receptor in the epidermis of patients with
			psoriasis vulgaris.

			31552836 Scabicidal effect of heat on the in
			vitro survival of scabies mites and their eggs:
			Optimal temperature and exposure time.

			31512584 Neurocutaneous melanosis is not
			always a benign disease.

			31512583 Errata: Review article: Hidradenitis
			suppurativa: A systematic review and
			meta-analysis of therapeutic interventions.

			31464199 Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus
			aureus superinfection over untreated candidiasis
			resulting in oronasal fistula.

			31464198 Case of syphilis with alopecia and
			folliculitis as manifestations.

			31464197 Family dermatology life quality index
			in patients with pemphigus vulgaris: A
			cross-sectional study.

			31417071 Basal cell carcinoma, blue-white
			variant: Dermatoscopic findings in 32 cases.

			31417070 Primary cutaneous amyloidosis of
			auricular concha.

			31397400 A retrospective study: Clinicopathological
			and immunohistochemical analysis of 54 cases
			of tufted angioma.

			31397399 Evaluation of anti-gal enzyme-linked
			immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of
			Indian post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis.

			31397398 Aleukemic leukemia cutis mimicking
			urticaria pigmentosa in a patient of T-cell acute
			lymphoblastic leukemia.

			31397397 Experimental study and clinical
			observations of autologous hair follicle cell
			transplants to treat stable vitiligo.

			31397396 Advanced type 1 hyperoxaluria
			presenting as livedo racemosa in a patient with
			end-stage renal disease.

			31389378 The case of a bleeding nail.

			31389377 Skin biopsy-induced blistering in
			urticarial bullous pemphigoid.

			31389376 Leukemia cutis following herpes
			zoster infection: An unusual example of Wolf's
			isotopic response.

			31389375 Concomitant psoriasis and
			hidradenitis suppurativa responsive to
			adalimumab therapy: A case series.

			31389374 Dermatoses due to Arabic cultural
			and traditional practices.

			31389373 Macular presentation of primary
			cutaneous follicle center lymphoma with an
			intermittent clinical course.

			31389372 Interleukin-17-dressed neutrophil:
			Neutrophil does not produce but delivers
			interleukin-17 to lesional epidermis causing
			keratinocyte S100A expression.

			31389371 Cyclosporine in treatment of
			progressive vitiligo: An open-label, single-arm
			interventional study.

			31389370 Complete response of a locally
			advanced basosquamous carcinoma with
			vismodegib treatment.

			31389369 Circulating levels of chemokines in
			patients with psoriasis vulgaris and their
			association with disease severity: A case-control
			study from North India.

			31389368 Urticaria pigmentosa in monochorionic

			31389367 An update on prevalence, diagnosis,
			treatment and emerging issues of genital
			mycoplasma infection in Indian women: A
			narrative review.

			31389366 Judicial precedents on medicolegal
			disputes arising from psoriasis treatment in
			South Korea.

			31368455 Atypical manifestations of
			disseminated cutaneous botryomycosis
			mimicking dermatitis herpetiformis in an
			immunocompetent adult woman.

			31368454 Pigeon tick infestation in humans:
			A case from North India.

			31368453 Glucagonoma syndrome with atypical
			necrolytic migratory erythema.

			31368452 Chromoblastomycosis with a
			sporotrichoid distribution.

			31368451 Diagnostic role of dermatoscopy
			in porokeratotic adnexal ostial nevus.

			31368450 Posterior reversible encephalopathy
			syndrome and intracerebral hemorrhage in an
			adult patient with Henoch-Schönlein purpura.

			31347516 Keratoacanthoma arising within a
			linear epidermal nevus.

			31347515 Microcystic adnexal carcinoma.

			31347514 Impact factor: Does it really have
			an impact?

			31339109 Acrokeratosis paraneoplastica
			(Bazex syndrome) with bullous lesions.

			31322136 Frontal fibrosing alopecia developing
			on vitiligo.

			31322135 Expression and correlation of
			interleukin-36γ, claudin-1 and claudin-7 in

			31317874 Facial involvement in Indian psoriatic
			patients and its association with disease severity
			and metabolic syndrome: A cross-sectional

			31317873 Verrucous dermatophytosis on
			photoexposed areas resembling pellagra in
			acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

			31303638 Asymptomatic swelling on the great
			toe in a 13-year-old boy.

			31293276 A retrospective case series of 12
			patients with chronic reactive arthritis with
			emphasis on treatment outcome with biologics.

			31293275 Lichenoid pseudovesicular papular
			eruption on nose: A papular facial dermatosis
			probably related to actinic lichen nitidus or
			micropapular polymorphous light eruption.

			31293274 Acne fulminans in a young man with
			granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener's
			granulomatosis): A chance association or
			marker of serious systemic disease?

			31290464 A case of cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman
			disease presenting with auricular enlargement
			as the first manifestation.

			31290463 Nailfold capillaroscopy with USB
			dermatoscope: A cross-sectional study in
			healthy adults.

			31290462 Insect tattoos.

			31274471 Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath
			in children.

			31274470 Oral isotretinoin for treating
			mucocutaneous human papillomavirus infections:
			A systematic review and meta-analysis.

			31274469 Verrucous carcinoma of the upper
			lip: An exuberant presentation in a patient with
			other synchronous lesions.

			31249217 Serum prolidase and oxidative
			stress levels in patients with recurrent aphthous
			stomatitis: a prospective, controlled study.

			31249216 Spindle-cell malignant melanoma.

			31249215 Second to fourth digit ratio in female
			patients with acne vulgaris: Could it be a
			predictor of androgen receptor status?

			31249214 Reactive syringofibroadenoma.

			31172983 Hypereosinophilic syndrome
			masquerading as acrodermatitis enteropathica.

			31172982 Author's reply.

			31172981 Author's reply.

			31172980 Persistent perioral papules in a
			young man.

			31172979 A double-blind, randomized controlled
			trial to compare the effectiveness and safety
			of purified protein derivative of tuberculin antigen
			with Mycobacterium w vaccine in the treatment
			of multiple viral warts.

			31169257 Characteristic patterns of segmental
			infantile hemangiomas in Indian children: A
			descriptive study.

			31134900 Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans:
			Two rare variants.

			31115359 Research ethics in the modern era.

			31115358 Nail fold dermoscopy in collagen
			vascular disorders: A cross-sectional study.

			31115357 Adalimumab-induced pyoderma
			gangrenosum in a patient with hidradenitis
			suppurativa: A paradoxical reaction.

			31089010 Follicular vitiligo: A rare presentation
			of vitiligo.

			31089009 Firm asymptomatic nodule on the
			epigastrium in an adult male.

			31089008 Successful correction of
			pseudosyndactyly in recessive dystrophic
			epidermolysis bullosa using full thickness skin
			graft in resource-poor settings.

			31089007 Pigmented papule on the volar
			aspect of left middle finger.

			31089006 Effectiveness and safety analysis
			of rituximab in 146 Indian pemphigus patients:
			A retrospective single-center review of up to
			68 months follow-up.

			31089005 Acitretin-induced differentiation
			syndrome in a case of generalized pustular

			31062724 Coxsackievirus B5-induced severe
			mucocutaneous reaction mimicking drug-induced
			Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal

			31062723 Photographic assessment improves
			adherence to recommended follow-up in patients
			with androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata:
			A retrospective cohort study.

			31062722 Pulsed dye laser in the treatment
			of basal cell carcinoma: A single session versus
			two sessions - a randomized controlled trial.

			31062721 Bilateral Burow's grafts with a pulley
			suture: Rapid and simple reconstruction for a
			large defect on the vertex.

			31031313 A cross-sectional study of the
			histopathology and immunology of alopecia
			areata: Unearthing the role of the Janus
			kinase-signal transducer and activator of
			transcription pathway.

			31031312 Clinical and pathological characterization
			of oral mucosal 'lichen planus-like lesions' in
			patients with pemphigus vulgaris: An observational

			31006714 Erratum: "Crusted nipple and areola:
			a new aetiology of secondary hyperkeratosis
			of the nipple and areola".

			30971536 Topical steroids: Awareness and
			misuse among patients, pharmacists and
			general medical practitioner.

			30971535 Multiple adenoid basal cell carcinoma:
			An uncommon presentation.

			30971534 New insights into leukotrichia in
			nonsegmental vitiligo: A cross-sectional study.

			30971533 The peer review process: Yesterday,
			today and tomorrow.

			30971532 Authors' reply.

			30971531 Is semen analysis necessary prior
			to initiation of finasteride treatment?

			30950410 Dermoscopy - Text and atlas.

			30950409 In vitro susceptibility of dermatophytes
			to oral antifungal drugs and amphotericin B in
			Uttar Pradesh, India.

			30950408 Authors' reply.

			30924446 Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A
			Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of
			Therapeutic Interventions.

			30924445 Prof. Nékám's Corpus Iconum
			Morborum Cutaneorum (1938): The most
			elaborate historical dermatovenerological atlas
			of the first half of the 20th century.

			30880719 Dermoscopy combined with ink
			staining as one more method to diagnose
			nodular scabies.

			30880718 Complete form of pachydermoperiostosis
			with cutis verticis gyrata resulting from the
			SLCO2A1 gene mutation.

			30880717 Letter in response to "The
			effectiveness of adding low-level light therapy
			to minoxidil 5% solution in the treatment of
			patients with androgenetic alopecia".

			30860171 Hand, foot and mouth disease
			caused by Coxsackie viruses A6 and A16 in
			Assam, Northeast India: A need for surveillance.

			30860170 Dermoscopic features of trichilemmal

			30860169 A case of hidroacanthoma simplex
			with new dermoscopic features.

			30860168 Oral compound nevus: an unusual

			30860167 A case of febrile ulceronecrotic
			Mucha-Habermann disease with comorbidities.

			30860166 Erythematous scaly facial plaques
			with overlying hair loss.

			30860165 Profile of HIV serodiscordant couples
			in a tertiary care center.

			30860164 Solitary hard plaque on scalp with
			pustules: An unusual case of secondary osteoma

			30860163 Aggressive erosive lichen planus
			associated with hepatitis C responding to
			sofosbuvir/ledipasvir treatment.

			30829299 Ultraviolet-A1 phototherapy in Asian
			skin: A review of 159 cases in Singapore.

			30829298 Transepidermal elimination: Role
			in leprosy transmission.

			30829297 Diagnosis of subclinical extramammary
			Paget's disease with a combination of
			noninvasive photodynamic diagnosis and
			reflectance confocal microscopy.

			30829296 Chronic paronychia with subungual

			30829295 Let's not let the guard down! - Early
			indications of syphilis resurgence?

			30829294 Lepromatous leprosy masquerading
			as anetoderma in a boy.

			30829293 Does rapamycin induce melanin
			formation? An in vitro study assessing the
			effect of rapamycin on normal cultured

			30785123 Melanocyte spheroids are formed
			by repetitive long-term trypsinization.

			30785122 Lichenoid skin lesions: A rare
			manifestation in secondary syphilis.

			30785121 Chitosan-based biocompatible
			dressing for treatment of recalcitrant lesions
			of cutaneous leishmaniasis: A pilot clinical

			30785120 Pseudoxanthomatous or xanthelasmoid
			mastocytosis: Reporting a rare entity.

			30757998 To determine irradiance of ultraviolet
			A in ambient sunlight and optimum exposure
			time for PUVAsol in a North Indian location.

			30757997 PLA2R antibody positive membranous
			glomerulonephropathy associated with psoriasis

			30729924 Clinimetric analysis of recently
			applied quantitative tools in evaluation of vitiligo

			30729923 Congenital midline cervical cleft.

			30719994 A rare case of metastatic skin
			tumors originating from the sarcomatous
			component of lung carcinosarcoma.

			30719993 Pigmented nipple-like nodule on
			the neck.

			30719992 Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans:
			Two rare variants.

			30719991 Giant pilomatricoma on the upper

			30719990 Bead retention test in koilonychia.

			30719989 Serum galectin-9 levels in atopic
			dermatitis, psoriasis and allergic contact
			dermatitis: A cross-sectional study.

			30719988 Predictors of serological cure after
			treatment in patients with early syphilis: A
			retrospective observational study in Thailand.

			30719987 Risk factors for chronic and
			chronic-relapsing tinea corporis, tinea cruris
			and tinea faciei: Results of a case-control

			30719986 Varenicline-induced symmetrical
			drug-related intertriginous and flexural

			30719985 The histopathological and
			dermoscopic correlation of primary cutaneous
			mucinous carcinoma.

			30688218 Macular hypopigmentation, hair loss
			and follicular spongiosis: A distinct clinicopathological

			30688217 Oseltamivir-induced toxic epidermal
			necrolysis in a patient with Cushing's disease.

			30688216 Acquired acrodermatitis enteropathica
			secondary to sleeve gastrectomy.

			30688215 Medical device regulation in India:
			What dermatologists need to know.

			30688214 Acral peeling skin syndrome: An
			underdiagnosed skin disorder.

			30665994 Primary cutaneous marginal zone
			B-cell lymphoma of vulva in a pregnant woman.

			30665993 Masturbation-induced painless
			hemorrhagic bulla on scarring penile lichen

			30632483 Subclinical atherosclerosis and
			cardiovascular markers in patients with lichen
			planus: A case-control study.

			30560815 Lethal melanoma in a two-year-old
			child with multiple congenital melanocytic nevi.

			30560814 Complications of laser and light-based
			devices therapy in patients with skin of color.

			30560813 Author's reply.

			30539800 Eruptive squamous cell carcinomas
			associated with programmed cell death protein-1
			inhibitor therapy.

			30539799 Ensuring precise beard and eyebrow
			shaping with laser: Innovative use of tongue

			30516169 Authors' reply.

			30516168 High dynamic range conversion and
			contrast adjustment to improve quality of
			dermoscopy imaging in vitiligo: A pilot study.

			30516167 Histopathological comparison of
			lesional and perilesional skin in melasma: A
			cross-sectional analysis.

			30516166 Multiple ulcers in an immunocompromised

			30504536 Unilateral distribution of cutaneous
			metastasis in a case of colon carcinoma.

			30504535 Painful leg rash.

			30504534 Surrogate advertisement of a
			super-potent corticosteroid-containing cream:
			An alarming development and a cautionary tale
			of its consequences.

			30504533 Stevens-Johnson syndrome-like
			reaction without mucosal lesions associated
			with cyclophosphamide.

			30504532 Author's reply.

			30504531 Intralesional steroids in dermatophytosis:
			Quackery in India takes new route.

			30504530 Do primary care physicians require
			training in core clinical dermatology? A cross
			sectional needs assessment study from Western

			30487346 Successful treatment of red ear
			syndrome with botulinum toxin type A.

			30487345 Cosmetic dermatology: An integral
			part of current dermatology curriculum.

			30467272 Falknor's needling method as a
			potential immunotherapy in palmo-plantar

			30460930 End of the road for terbinafine?
			Think of compliance to treatment.

			30460929 Everything is in the name: Macular
			hyperpigmentation of uncertain etiology or
			acquired dermal macular hyperpigmentation
			of varied etiologies?

			30457124 Intramatricial injections for nail
			psoriasis: An open-label comparative study
			of triamcinolone, methotrexate, and cyclosporine.

			30409926 A randomized, double-blind trial of
			amorolfine 0.25% cream and sertaconazole
			2% cream in limited dermatophytosis.

			30409925 Does using a high sun protection
			factor sunscreen on face, along with physical
			photoprotection advice, in patients with
			melasma, change serum vitamin D concentration
			in Indian conditions? A pragmatic pretest-posttest

			30409924 A historical note on the evolution
			of "Ringworm".

			30409923 Prevalence of skin diseases among
			Omani population attending dermatology clinics
			in North Batinah Governorate, Oman -
			retrospective study of 2,32,362 cases.

			30381582 A randomized study to evaluate the
			efficacy and effectiveness of two sunscreen
			formulations on Indian skin types IV and V with
			pigmentation irregularities.

			30381581 Keratoacanthoma-like cutaneous
			metastases in a case of squamous cell
			carcinoma of the tongue.

			30333359 A randomized, open-label,
			comparative study of oral tranexamic acid and
			tranexamic acid microinjections in patients with

			30333358 A new presentation of isolated
			cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease: Eruptive
			xanthoma-like lesions.

			30323115 Medical journalism and social media:
			A boon and a bane?

			30319137 A case of red ears.

			30289122 Authors' reply.

			30289121 Dermoscopic features of three
			cases of Langerhans cell histiocytosis.

			30289120 'End of the road for terbinafine' in
			dermatophytosis: Is it a valid conclusion?

			30289119 Co-localization of immunobullous
			diseases at sites of dermatophytoses:
			Koebnerisation or a coincidence?

			30289118 Scleredema of Buschke associated
			with lichen sclerosus: Three cases.

			30289117 Adverse cutaneous events after
			laser epilation in patients with photodermatosis.

			30289116 Cutaneous epithelioid hemangioendothelioma:
			A rare presentation.

			30289115 Histoid leprosy presenting with
			figurate lesions: A unique and rare presentation.

			30289114 Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis:
			A rare, potentially fatal complication in
			subcutaneous panniculitis like T cell lymphoma.

			30289113 Low-dose adalimumab biosimilar
			(ZRC-3197) in the treatment of hidradenitis

			30289112 Congenital alopecia of eyebrow.

			30289111 Painful tumors of the skin - from

			30264746 A treatise on topical corticosteroids
			in dermatology. Use, misuse and abuse.

			30264745 A randomized controlled trial of
			topical benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel with a low
			glycemic load diet versus topical benzoyl
			peroxide 2.5% gel with a normal diet in acne
			(grades 1-3).

			30264744 Dermatoscopy of multiple
			piloleiomyomas with disseminated and segmental

			30264743 Identification of atypical dermal
			leishmaniasis resolved by restriction fragment
			length polymorphism.

			30264742 Clinico-epidemiological features of
			chronic urticaria in children: A retrospective
			analysis of 296 children from a tertiary care
			institute in Northern India.

			30246706 N-acetylcysteine in dermatology.

			30246705 Docetaxel induced pellagroid

			30246704 Cutaneous inflammation as a marker
			of malignant transformation in a patient with
			linear unilateral basaloid follicular hamartoma.

			30246703 Differential expression of
			capecitabine-induced hand foot syndrome on
			paretic limb.

			30246702 Dome-shaped solitary nodule.

			30226478 Linking of psoriasis with osteopenia
			and osteoporosis: A cross-sectional study.

			30226477 Slowly growing nodule in supralabial

			30226476 Vismodegib treatment in a HIV
			positive patient on antiretroviral therapy.

			30226475 Toenail concentrations of zinc,
			selenium and nickel in patients with chronic
			recurrent warts: A pilot two-group comparative

			30207327 Rational use of laboratory test.

			30207326 Prevention of Strongyloides stercoralis
			hyperinfection in leprosy patients on long-term
			steroid therapy.

			30198492 Annular scaly plaque confined to
			presternal keloid treated with intralesional

			30147109 Authors' reply.

			30117464 IJDVL and impact factor.

			30117463 Authors' reply.

			30117462 Bilateral agminated skin-colored
			papules and nodules on the dorsum of the

			30117461 Dermoscopy: An easy way to solve
			the diagnostic puzzle in pityriasis versicolor.

			30117460 Entomodermoscopy: A tool for
			hunting bed bug.

			30117459 Chemical leukoderma due to
			hydroquinone: An unusual phenomenon.

			30106019 Seborrheic melanosis and
			dermoscopy: Lumping better than splitting.

			30106018 Distal infection of the middle finger
			caused by Mycobacterium abscessus.

			30106017 Letter in response to previously
			published article "Familial gigantic melanocytosis".

			30106016 Verruciform xanthoma of the penis:
			A rare case with an unusual clinical morphology.

			30106015 Hypopigmented and acneiform
			lesions: An unusual initial presentation of
			adult-onset multisystem Langerhans cell

			30106014 Linear atrophoderma of Moulin: A
			rare entity.

			30073992 Erythema ab igne.

			30073991 Injection-site reaction to ixekizumab
			histologically mimicking lupus tumidus: Report
			of two cases.

			30073990 Cutaneous plasmacytosis with mast
			cell infiltration.

			30073989 Ten clinical clues for the diagnosis
			of frontal fibrosing alopecia.

			30073988 Pleomorphic hyalinizing angiectatic
			tumor of soft parts with unusual lipoma-like
			clinical morphology.

			30073987 Polymorphic presentation of
			disseminated cutaneous rhinosporidiosis in
			an immunocompetent individual.

			30073986 Transepidermal elimination: Historical
			evolution, pathogenesis and nosology.

			30073985 Letter in response to the previously
			published article "Familial gigantic melanocytosis".

			30073984 Creativity is intelligence having fun,
			originality an undetected plagiarism!

			30073983 Photodynamic therapy for acne
			conglobata of the buttocks: Effective
			antiinflammatory treatment with good cosmetic

			30073982 Anti-RO 52-positive systemic
			sclerosis sine scleroderma with multisystem
			involvement and recurrent vasculitis.

			30073981 An erythematous plaque on the leg
			of a female.

			30073980 Excision of basal cell carcinomas
			smaller than 1 cm with 2 mm safety margins:
			Lateral margin adequacy evaluated by
			double-bladed scalpel method.

			30073979 A solitary cutaneous metastasis
			from colon adenocarcinoma: Dermoscopic
			and confocal microscopy features.

			30073978 Nevus sebaceus on the face:
			Experience with photodynamic therapy in
			adults and children.

			30058570 Safety and efficacy of autologous
			noncultured dermal cell suspension transplantation
			in the treatment of localized facial volume loss:
			A pilot study.

			30058569 "Melanocytic nevus", or is it?

			30058568 A prospective study of the
			epidemiological and clinical patterns of recurrent
			dermatophytosis at a tertiary care hospital in

			30058567 Onychomatricoma: Clinical,
			dermoscopy and ultrasound findings.

			30058566 Asymptomatic erythematous plaques
			on the left arm and trunk.

			30058565 Revisiting the role of the slit-skin
			smear in the diagnosis of Indian post-kala-azar
			dermal leishmaniasis.

			30058564 Psoriasis increases the risk of
			concurrent inflammatory bowel disease: A
			population-based nationwide study in Korea.

			30058563 Wells syndrome in a patient receiving
			adalimumab biosimilar: A case report and
			review of literature.

			30058562 Predictors of disease severity in
			drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic

			30058561 Erythematous eroded plaque on
			the left nipple in a 75-year-old woman.

			30058560 Atopy patch test.

			30058559 A study of prevalence of autoantibodies
			in patients with lichen planus from Mumbai,

			30027915 Methods to overcome poor
			responses and challenges of laser hair removal
			in dark skin.

			30027914 Optimizing q-switched lasers for
			melasma and acquired dermal melanoses.

			30027913 Hair manifestations of endocrine
			diseases: A brief review.

			30027912 The effectiveness of adding lowlevel
			light therapy to minoxidil 5% solution in the
			treatment of patients with androgenetic alopecia.

			29998864 Safety of important dermatological
			drugs (retinoids, immune suppressants, anti
			androgens and thalidomide) in reproductively
			active males with respect to pregnancy outcome:
			A brief review of literature.

			29998863 Isotretinoin and dermatosurgical

			29998862 Reduced immunohistochemical
			expression of CCN3 in vitiligo.

			29998861 Autologous noncultured
			melanocyte-keratinocyte transplantation in
			stable vitiligo: A randomized comparative study
			of recipient site preparation by two techniques.

			29974888 Vacuum sealing drainage: A novel
			treatment method for primary cutaneous
			Mycobacterium intracellulare infection.

			29974887 Annular scaly plaques in a girl.

			29956683 Hair casts and nits - differentiating
			using dermoscopy.

			29956682 Evaluation of efficacy and safety
			of intralesional bleomycin in the treatment of
			common warts: Results of a pilot study.

			29956681 Novel mutations in SASH1 associated
			with dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria.

			29956680 Localized atrophy with surrounding
			hair growth in a case of alopecia areata treated
			with intralesional steroids, using a needle-less

			29923506 Erratum: Blastomycosis-like
			pyoderma: Novel use of potassium iodide.

			29893302 Response to 'Elimination of leprosy
			in India: An analysis'.

			29893301 Disseminated cysticercosis with
			asymptomatic neurocysticercosis.

			29893300 Author's reply.

			29893299 Comment on: "Dermoscopy of
			Biett's sign and differential diagnosis with
			annular maculopapular rashes with scaling".

			29893298 Cutaneous botryomycosis treated
			successfully with injectable ceftriaxone sodium
			in an immunocompetent child.

			29893297 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron
			emission tomography-based evaluation of
			systemic and vascular inflammation and
			assessment of the effect of systemic treatment
			on inflammation in patients with moderate-to-severe
			psoriasis: A randomized placebo-controlled
			pilot study.

			29893296 End of the road for terbinafine?
			Results of a pragmatic prospective cohort
			study of 500 patients.

			29893295 Rational use of laboratory tests in

			29873313 Authors' reply.

			29873312 Proposed global drooping and
			wrinkles classification and scoring system for
			aging face with validation and experience on
			54 Indian subjects.

			29873311 Unusual presentation of cystic
			fibrosis as diffuse dermatitis.

			29873310 Generalized multinucleate cell
			angiohistiocytoma with involvement of palms
			and soles: An unusual manifestation.

			29873309 Dermoscopic manifestations of
			Talaromyces (Penicillium) marneffei infection
			in an AIDS patient.

			29855456 Coexistent cutaneous myeloid
			sarcoma in a patient with invasive papillary
			carcinoma of thyroid - A rare presentation.

			29855455 Effect of low-dose acitretin treatment
			on pituitary hormones in psoriasis vulgaris: A
			retrospective study.

			29855454 Bazex-Dupré-Christol syndrome:
			First report in an Indian family.

			29855453 Gabapentin and pregabalin in

			29798937 Plica polonica: from national plague
			to death of the disease in the nineteenth-century

			29798936 Rapid response of Kasabach-Meritt
			phenomenon to a combination of oral
			prednisolone and sirolimus.

			29794356 Bloom syndrome sans characteristic
			facial features in a Mestizo patient- a diagnostic

			29794355 Updates on the use of vaccines in
			dermatological conditions.

			29770790 Ulcerated necrobiosis lipoidica: A
			cutaneous granulomatous reaction associated
			with systemic B-cell lymphoma.

			29770789 Dermatoses with "collarette of skin".

			29770788 Training avenues in dermatopathology
			for an Indian dermatologist or pathologist.

			29770787 Myelodysplasia in a psoriasis patient
			receiving etanercept: Cause or coincidence?

			29770786 A novel heterozygous missense
			mutation of the desmoglein 1 gene in a Chinese
			family with diffuse nonepidermolytic palmoplantar

			29770785 Anti-pruritic efficacies of doxycycline
			and erythromycin in the treatment of acne
			vulgaris: A randomized single-blinded pilot

			29770784 Mongolian spots combined with
			halo-like disappearance surrounding café au
			lait spots.

			29770783 Increase in prevalence of Ureaplasma
			spp. in patients with genital tract infections in
			a tertiary care hospital of North India.

			29770782 Primary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy:
			Report of two novel genetic variants in the
			SLCO2A1 gene in two Mexican patients.

			29735815 Primary cutaneous cribriform apocrine
			carcinoma: Case report and literature review.

			29735814 Oral sex related knowledge and oral
			sex behavior among homosexual and
			heterosexual men in Belgrade: A cross-sectional

			29697069 Papillomatosis cutis lymphostatica.

			29697068 Primary follicular mucinosis in

			29697067 Eccrine syringofibroadenomatosis
			over the dorsa of both feet.

			29667614 Pentazocine induced skin ulcers:
			An 'easy to miss' diagnosis.

			29667613 Synovial sarcoma complicating
			Maffucci syndrome.

			29667612 Dermabrasion of the recipient skin
			in vitiligo surgery: An easier way out.

			29667611 Metronidazole as a monotherapy
			in the management of granulomatous cheilitis.

			29667610 Ashy dermatosis, lichen planus
			pigmentosus and pigmented cosmetic
			dermatitis: Are we splitting the hair?

			29667609 A case report of buffalopox: A
			zoonosis of concern.

			29667608 Linear IgA bullous dermatosis induced
			by diclofenac sodium.

			29657191 Erratum: Intracutaneous
			pharmacokinetics of oral antifungals and their
			relevance in recalcitrant cutaneous dermatophytosis:
			Time to revisit basics.

			29637910 Paradigm shift in antinuclear antibody
			negative lupus: Current evidence.

			29637909 Incidence of leprosy in Firozabad
			district (Uttar Pradesh).

			29637908 Topical timolol in PHACES syndrome:
			Is it safe?

			29620047 In response to "Effectiveness of
			topical green tea against multidrug-resistant
			Staphylococcus aureus in cases of primary
			pyoderma: An open controlled trial".

			29620046 Clinical profile and virology analysis
			of hand, foot and mouth disease cases from
			North Kerala, India in 2015-2016: A tertiary
			care hospital-based cross-sectional study.

			29620045 Authors' reply.

			29620044 Primary cutaneous histoplasmosis
			in an immunocompetent patient presenting
			with severe pruritus.

			29620043 The strawberry tongue: What, how
			and where?

			29620042 Dome-shaped nodules and scaly,
			verruciform plaques on the legs and feet.

			29620041 Primary mucinous carcinoma of skin
			with a trichoadenomatous component: A rare
			case report.

			29620040 An observational study on glabellar
			wrinkle patterns in Indians.

			29620039 Recurrent unilateral angiolymphoid
			hyperplasia with eosinophilia in pregnancy.

			29620038 Dermoscopy of lichen planus
			pigmentosus in Indian patients - Pitfalls to

			29620037 Association of interleukin 1 receptor
			antagonist intron 2 variable number of tandem
			repeats polymorphism with vitiligo susceptibility
			in Gujarat population.

			29600799 Whole exome sequencing in a
			multi-generation family from India reveals a
			genetic variation c.10C>T (p.Gln4Ter) in keratin
			5 gene associated with Dowling-Degos disease.

			29600798 A review of pulse therapy in 74
			patients with pemphigus.

			29600797 Authors' reply.

			29595184 Genetic and molecular aspects of
			androgenetic alopecia.

			29582791 A case of cutaneous focal bilirubin
			deposition in a man with jaundice.

			29582790 Papillary eccrine adenoma associated
			with syringocystadenoma papilliferum.

			29582789 Serum and tissue angiotensin-converting
			enzyme in patients with alopecia areata.

			29582788 Solitary nodular lesion on forehead
			in a 56-year-old woman.

			29582787 Association between human
			leukocyte antigen-DRB1 and human leukocyte
			antigen-DQB1 alleles and pemphigus vulgaris
			in Indian patients: A case-control study.

			29547139 Recurrent pyogenic granuloma over
			nevus flammeus.

			29547138 Angioma serpiginosum in a bilateral
			distribution with acral involvement: An
			uncommon presentation.

			29547137 Ringworm-like skin lesion is not
			always tinea.

			29547136 Ultrasound assessment of enthesis
			thickness in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: A
			cross-sectional study.

			29536983 Persistent perioral papules in a
			young man.

			29536982 Resistance to anti leprosy drugs
			in multi-bacillary leprosy: A cross sectional
			study from a tertiary care centre in eastern
			Uttar Pradesh, India.

			29536981 Bilateral "turkey ear" as a cutaneous
			manifestation of lupus vulgaris.

			29536980 Basidiobolomycosis mistaken for
			cutaneous tuberculosis.

			29536979 Oral lichenoid reactions to talcum
			powder: A usual report with unusual history.

			29536978 Acquired cutis laxa associated with
			inflammatory bowel disease, inflammatory
			arthritis and IgA nephropathy.

			29536977 Intramatricial injections for nail
			psoriasis: An open-label comparative study
			of triamcinolone, methotrexate, and cyclosporine.

			29536976 Four novel mutations of ADAR1 in
			Chinese patients with dyschromatosis
			symmetrica hereditaria.

			29536975 Syringocystadenoma papilliferum
			with coexisting hydrocystoma.

			29536974 A creeping eruption of the buttocks.

			29536973 Massive cutaneous nodules in a
			92-year-old man.

			29536972 A case of cutaneous horn arising
			in verrucous epidermal nevus.

			29536971 Clinical, immunological profile and
			follow up of patients with pemphigus: A study
			from India.

			29536970 Successful treatment of metastatic
			extramammary Paget's disease with pemetrexed
			monotherapy systematically and 5-fluorouracil

			29536969 Anaplastic large cell non Hodgkin's
			lymphoma presenting as diffuse cutaneous

			29536968 Extramammary Paget disease with
			histologic presence of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis:
			An unusual presentation.

			29536967 A rare anatomical location of human
			papillomavirus-related penile warty carcinoma:
			Simultaneous axillary involvement.

			29516901 A case of drug-induced hypersensitivity
			syndrome induced by icotinib managed by
			intravenous immunoglobulin and systemic

			29516900 Epidemiology, treatment and
			prevention of herpes zoster: A comprehensive

			29516899 Four views of trichomycosis axillaris:
			Clinical, Wood's lamp, dermoscopy and

			29491194 Is there a correlation of serum and
			tissue T helper-1 and -2 cytokine profiles with
			psoriasis activity and severity? A cross-sectional

			29491193 Localized unilateral basaloid follicular
			hamartoma along Blaschko's lines on face.

			29491192 Crusted nipple and areola: A new
			aetiology of secondary hyperkeratosis of the
			nipple and areola.

			29491191 A cross-sectional study of variations
			in the biophysical parameters of skin among
			healthy volunteers.

			29491190 Protective effects of glutamine on
			human melanocyte oxidative stress model.

			29469063 A study of serum vascular endothelial
			growth factor in infantile hemangiomas.

			29451197 Erratum: Extranodal natural killer/T
			cell lymphoma, nasal type presenting as
			recurrent facial cellulitis.

			29451196 Atypical generalized morphea-like
			scleroderma occurring in a patient exposed
			to organic solvents and having chronic hepatitis
			C virus infection.

			29451195 Disseminated herpes simplex virus
			and varicella zoster virus co-infection in an
			immunocompetent patient.

			29451194 Calciphylaxis as cutaneous marker
			of hyperparathyroidism and successful outcome
			with parathyroidectomy followed by hyperbaric
			oxygen therapy.

			29451193 Clinical experience of adalimumab
			in the treatment of psoriasis - A 10-year journey
			in a tertiary dermatology centre.

			29451192 Author reply.

			29451191 Actinomycotic osteomyelitis.

			29451190 Music box spine keratoderma.

			29451189 Elimination of leprosy in India: An

			29451140 Reticular telangiectatic erythema
			associated with implantable automatic
			cardioverter defibrillator.

			29451139 Calcinosis cutis universalis in systemic

			29405133 Antihypertensives in dermatology
			Part II - Cutaneous adverse reactions to

			29405132 Linear orofacial lichen sclerosus.

			29405131 Madelung's disease: A benign
			symmetric lipomatosis.

			29405130 Penile Mycobacterium avium complex
			spindle cell pseudotumor.

			29405129 Nicotinamide: Mechanism of action
			and indications in dermatology.

			29393081 Kumkum-induced allergic contact
			dermatitis: Are we missing the actual culprit?

			29393080 Wolf's isotopic nonresponse in
			healed herpes zoster in erythroderma.

			29393079 Percutaneous ethanol injection as
			a promising and minimally invasive treatment
			for axillary osmidrosis: Double-blinded
			randomized controlled trial.

			29393078 Eosinophilic fasciitis associated with
			Raynaud's phenomenon, esophageal dysmotility,
			positive antinuclear antibody and anti-neutrophil
			cytoplasmic antibody.

			29393077 Warty squamous cell carcinoma
			of glans penis.

			29393076 Familial gigantic melanocytosis.

			29393075 A rare case of multiple Becker's
			nevi without systemic involvement.

			29380752 Solitary dome-shaped erythematous
			lump of long duration on the palm.

			29380751 Efficacy of topical 5% fluorouracil
			needling in vitiligo.

			29376512 Cutaneous angiosarcoma in a
			patient with systemic sclerosis: First case from

			29376511 Scholarships and travel grants for
			residents and young dermatologists from India.

			29376510 A solitary fibrofolliculoma occurring
			in an unusual location.

			29376509 Total serum immunoglobulin E level
			and specific allergens in adults with skin

			29376508 A subungual angiokeratoma with
			characteristic clinical and dermoscopic features.

			29376507 Oral ulcers in heart transplant patient.

			29376506 Bulla formation at the tuberculin
			skin test site in a patient with bullous pemphigoid:
			Koebnerization or severe delayed-type

			29363627 Primary cutaneous CD4 positive
			small/medium T cell lymphoma.

			29363626 Response to topical halcinonide
			following fractional carbon dioxide laser
			pretreatment in a pretibial myxedema patient.

			29350205 Silymarin: An interesting modality
			in dermatological therapeutics.

			29350204 PubMed indexing: Misconceptions.

			29350203 Subungual exostosis on index finger
			in a child.

			29327703 Flexural scaly papules and plaques.

			29327702 Laser-assisted surgery and
			bioscaffold for the treatment of rhinophyma.

			29327701 Distribution of killer immunoglobulin-like
			receptor genes in HIV infected long-term
			non-progressors from Mumbai, India.

			29327700 Disseminated cutaneous fusariosis
			in human immunodeficiency virus-infected
			patient and dramatic response with oral

			29327699 Nail changes in autoimmune blistering
			disorders: A case-control study.

			29327698 Eruptive pseudoangiomatosis -
			cherry angiomas with perilesional halo.

			29327697 An unusual early onset of lentigo
			maligna in the fourth decade of life.

			29327696 Sarcomatoid lung carcinoma
			presenting as alopecia neoplastica.

			29327695 Multiple inflamed cutaneous nodules
			in an elderly female.

			29284765 Erratum: A noncancerous variant
			of xeroderma pigmentosum type D associated
			with novel heterozygous missense ERCC2
			gene mutation.

			29284764 Adalimumab as a successful
			treatment for acne fulminans and bilateral
			acute sacroiliitis with hip synovitis complicating
			isotretinoin therapy.

			29284763 Rational use of drugs in dermatology:
			A paradigm lost?

			29271372 Antihypertensives in dermatology
			Part I - Uses of antihypertensives in dermatology.

			29271371 Herpetic perforation of prepuce.

			29271370 Acral porokeratosis associated with

			29271369 Author's reply.

			29271368 Letter in response to "Effectiveness
			and safety of levocetirizine 10 mg versus a
			combination of levocetirizine 5 mg and
			montelukast 10 mg in chronic urticaria resistant
			to levocetirizine 5 mg: A double-blind,
			randomized, controlled trial" by Sarkar et al.

			29271367 Angioma like carcinoma telangiectoides:
			An unusual presentation of breast carcinoma

			29271366 Verruciform xanthoma of the thumb.

			29251280 Total dystrophic onychomycosis
			caused by Talaromyces marneffei in a patient
			with Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
			on combined anti-retroviral therapy.

			29251279 A brief biographic sketch of Dr.
			Bhau Daji Lad (1822-1874): A forgotten figure
			of Indian dermatology.

			29251278 Autoinoculation as a treatment
			modality for molluscum contagiosum: A
			preliminary uncontrolled trial.

			29243677 Authors' reply.

			29243676 Reinterpreting minimum inhibitory
			concentration (MIC) data of itraconazole versus
			terbinafine for dermatophytosis - time to look
			beyond the MIC data?

			29243675 Handheld narrow band ultraviolet
			B comb as home phototherapy device for
			localised vitiligo: Dosimetry and calibration.

			29243674 Turmeric: A condiment, cosmetic
			and cure.

			29243673 Congenital erosive and vesicular
			dermatosis healing with reticulated supple
			scarring: Report of four cases.

			29243672 The tricky "trichs" in dermatology!

			29210362 Giant congenital Becker's nevus
			overlying a plexiform neurofibroma: Merely a
			coincidence or more than it?

			29210361 Successful treatment outcome with
			itraconazole and potassium iodide in disseminated

			29210360 Involvement of scars in capecitabine
			induced hand foot syndrome.

			29210359 Leukemia cutis mimicking erythema
			nodosum or vice versa: A histological

			29185440 Risk of venous thromboembolism
			in patients with bullous pemphigoid: A systematic
			review and meta-analysis.

			29185439 A survey on the pattern of
			dermoscopy use among dermatologists in

			29176253 Dermoscopy and scanning electron
			microscopy in two cases with hair shaft damage
			secondary to hair straightening.

			29176252 Cirsoid aneurysm of scalp.

			29176251 Generalized Dowling-Degos disease
			with hypopigmented lesions: A diagnostic

			29176250 Eosinophilic dermatoses (exaggerated
			insect bite-like reaction) associated with
			hematological malignancy: Report of three

			29176249 Partial unilateral lentiginosis with
			ipsilateral ocular involvement and seizures.

			29146890 Effectiveness of topical green tea
			against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus
			aureus in cases of primary pyoderma: An open
			controlled trial.

			29098991 Angiospastic macules of Bier: A
			cause of mottled skin.

			29098990 Hodgkin's lymphoma arising in a
			case of mycosis fungoides: An unusual

			29094685 Canaliform median raphe cyst.

			29094684 Study of the relation between two
			common cyclooxygenase 2 gene polymorphisms
			with risk of developing and subtypes of vitiligo
			in Egyptian patients.

			29094683 Acral angioosteoma cutis: A rare

			29076462 Reversible twisted and rolled hairs
			due to manual twisting: Two case reports.

			29067936 Congenital asymptomatic papule
			on the lower eyelid.

			29067935 Identification of a novel missense
			mutation in the NOD2 gene in a Chinese child
			with early-onset sarcoidosis.

			29067934 Prevalence of ocular findings in a
			sample of Egyptian patients with psoriasis.

			29067933 Polymorphism of glutathione
			S-transferase M1 and T1 genes and susceptibility
			to psoriasis disease: A study from North India.

			29067932 An unusual case of lymphomatoid
			papulosis type E with extensive necrosis.

			29067931 Painful ulcer of the pinna in an
			immunocompromised patient.

			29067930 Granulomatous slack skin syndrome:
			Report of a unique case.

			29035288 Tinea barbae presenting as kerion.

			29035287 Cardio-pulmonary involvement in
			systemic sclerosis: A study at a tertiary care

			29035286 Urocytological evaluation of
			pemphigus patients on long term cyclophosphamide
			therapy: A cross sectional study.

			29035285 Dermoscopy and patch testing in
			patients with lichen planus pigmentosus on
			face: A cross-sectional observational study in
			fifty Indian patients.

			29035284 Traction alopecia: A neglected entity
			in 2017.

			28984629 Extranodal natural killer T-cell
			lymphoma mimicking cellulitis and venous
			thrombosis: A case report.

			28984628 Encouraging curricular research:
			A new agenda for IJDVL.

			28984627 Extranodal natural killer/T cell
			lymphoma, nasal type presenting as recurrent
			facial cellulitis.

			28984626 Treatment of drug-induced
			hypersensitivity syndrome with cyclosporine.

			28984625 Low-dose methotrexate combined
			with superficial X-ray in the treatment of
			folliculotropic mycosis fungoides: A case report.

			28984624 Facial multiple xanthogranuloma in
			an adult.

			28984623 Intradermal spindle cell/pleomorphic
			lipoma: Case report and review of the literature.

			28984622 Follicular psoriasis - dermoscopic
			features at a glance.

			28980539 Coping strategies and quality of life
			among patients with chronic psoriasis and

			28980538 Combination of A-T advancement
			flap and crescentic flap: A novel approach to
			repair surgical defect above the eyebrow.

			28980537 Blastomycosis-like pyoderma: Novel
			use of potassium iodide.

			28980536 Nurture Indian dermatology
			innovations as man-maximum, machine-minimum

			28980535 The nail as an investigative tool in
			medicine: What a dermatologist ought to

			28948945 Combination of two types of nail
			brace for the treatment of complicated ingrown

			28948944 Vitiligo pathogenesis is interlinked
			with pigment homeostasis: A new concept.

			28948943 A verrucous plaque on the intergluteal

			28948942 Yellapragada SubbaRow - The
			unsung Indian biochemist behind methotrexate
			and other drugs.

			28936992 An outlandish association of Klinefelter

			28936991 Intracutaneous pharmacokinetics
			of oral antifungals and their relevance in
			recalcitrant cutaneous dermatophytosis: Time
			to revisit basics.

			28936990 Pseudoainhum and autoamputation
			associated with lamellar ichthyosis.

			28928337 A rare presentation of keratosis
			follicularis spinulosa decalvans in female twins.

			28928336 Giant eccrine porocarcinoma in an
			unusual location.

			28891532 Successful treatment of total
			obliteration of vulva caused by inveterate vulvar
			lichen sclerosus.

			28891531 Development of dysplastic nevus
			during radotinib therapy in patients with chronic
			myeloid leukemia.

			28879870 A study of the histopathology of
			palmo-plantar psoriasis and hyperkeratotic
			palmo-plantar dermatitis.

			28879869 Pemphigus vegetans arising in
			umbilicus: Successful clearance with intralesional

			28879868 Mycobacterium chelonae infection
			complicating traumatic and surgical wounds:
			A case series.

			28836510 Steroid-resistant erythroderma and
			alopecia in a newborn.

			28836509 An annoying mass of the nail bed.

			28799534 Cutaneous plasmacytosis: A rare
			entity with unique presentation.

			28799533 Unilateral facial and upper truncal
			anhidrosis and absence of physiological flushing:
			A case of idiopathic harlequin syndrome.

			28799532 Olmsted syndrome in three sisters
			in a family.

			28799531 Unusually high incidence of multifocal
			epithelial hyperplasia in children of the Nahuatl
			population of Mexico.

			28799530 Scanning electron microscopy study
			of hair shaft changes related to hardness of

			28799529 Cancrum oris (noma): An early sign
			of acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse.

			28799528 Phacomatosis pigmentokeratotica:
			A very rare twin spotting phenomenon.

			28791968 Erythroderma: A clinicopathological
			study of 370 cases from a tertiary care center
			in Kerala.

			28749386 Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita and
			anti-p200 pemphigoid as major subepidermal
			autoimmune bullous diseases diagnosed by
			floor binding on indirect immunofluorescence
			microscopy using human salt-split skin.

			28749385 Demodex folliculorum associated
			Bacillus pumilus in lesional areas in rosacea.

			28749384 Partial dysautonomia: An interesting

			28749383 A noncancerous variant of xeroderma
			pigmentosum type D associated with novel
			heterozygous missense ERCC2 gene mutation.

			28749382 Image manipulation and image
			plagiarism - what's fine and what's not?

			28749381 Cutaneous malakoplakia: Interesting
			case report and review of literature.

			28731021 Wickham's striae-like appearance
			in a case of nodular Kaposi's sarcoma: A
			dermoscopic pitfall.

			28731020 Long-term result of hair transplantation
			for therapy resistant alopecia areata of

			28731019 Dermatomyositis revealing both a
			metastatic linitis plastica and hepatitis C virus

			28731018 Palmoplantar aquagenic urticaria:
			A case report.

			28731017 Methotrexate iontophoresis versus
			coal tar ointment in palmoplantar psoriasis: A
			pilot study.

			28731016 Hidradenitis suppurativa unresponsive
			to canakinumab treatment: A case report.

			28731015 Vitiligo developing in congenital
			segmental speckled lentiginous nevus: Another
			example of immunocompromised cutaneous
			district due to immunological assault on aberrant

			28731014 Unilateral striate-punctate
			keratoderma: An extremely rare presentation
			of punctate keratoderma.

			28731013 Cholinergic urticaria: Clinicoepidemiological
			paradigms from a tertiary care center in North

			28731012 Livedo reticularis after intra-articular
			hyaluronic acid injection.

			28707651 Chemical environmental factors:
			Can they affect acne?

			28707650 Disseminated discoid lupus
			erythematosus with a linear lesion on the forearm
			and hand: A rare presentation and review of

			28707649 Receptor for advanced glycation
			end products is overexpressed in psoriatic
			plaques independent of disease severity.

			28656915 Clinical and serological characteristics
			of nail psoriasis in Indian patients: A cross-sectional

			28656914 Syringocystadenocarcinoma
			papilliferum with coexisting trichoblastoma: A
			case report with review of literature.

			28656913 Retrospective study on the
			characteristics and treatment of late-onset

			28656912 Capecitabine-induced acral and
			mucosal hyperpigmentation.

			28656911 Serum macrophage migration
			inhibitory factor levels in leprosy patients with
			erythema nodosum leprosum.

			28656910 Effectiveness and safety of
			levocetirizine 10 mg versus a combination of
			levocetirizine 5 mg and montelukast 10 mg in
			chronic urticaria resistant to levocetirizine 5
			mg: A double-blind, randomized, controlled

			28656909 Trichorrhexis nodosa due to repetitive
			trivial trauma.

			28615585 Sildenafil nitrate : Its prescription.

			28615584 Trichomonas vaglnalls.

			28615583 Toxic epidermal necrolysis.

			28615582 Contact depigmentation caused
			by henna.

			28615581 Herpes labials and genitalis in a hiv
			positive patient.

			28615580 Papuloerythroderma of ofuji.

			28615579 Porokeratosis of mibelli: Disseminated
			non actinic form.

			28615578 Sebaceous hyperplasia resembling
			lymphangioma circumscriptum.

			28615577 Facial pseudochromhidrosis induced
			by lead.

			28615576 Primary cutaneous mucin producing
			squamous cell carcinoma.

			28615575 Oral condylomata acuminata.

			28615574 Angina bullosa hemorrhagica
			(recurrent oral haemophlyctenosis).

			28615573 Pityriasis rotunda - report of three

			28615572 Tuberculous panniculitis.

			28615571 AIDS related kaposi's sarcoma.

			28615570 Periumbilical pseudoxanthoma

			28615569 Chancroid.

			28615568 A double - blind randomised
			multicentre controlled study of topical 0.05%
			clobetasol propionate with 2.5% zinc sulphate

			28615567 Bacteriology of primary pyodermas
			and comparative efficacy of topical application
			of mupirocin and sodium fusidate ointments
			in their treatment.

			28615566 Vegetable and fruit contact dermatitis
			among housewives-study of 25 cases.

			28615565 Peripheral T-lymphocyte counts in
			seborrhoeic keratosis.

			28615564 Treatment of benign vascular skin
			lesions with carbon dioxide laser.

			28615563 Role of oral vitamin D3 analogues
			in the treatment of psoriasis.

			28615562 Laboratory diagnosis of epidermolysis

			28584224 Erratum: Ectodermal dysplasia skin
			fragility syndrome with a new mutation.

			28584223 Bullous pemphigoid and antecedent
			neurological diseases: An association with

			28584222 Paederus dermatitis.

			28566562 Low plasma zinc levels in androgenetic

			28566561 A protruding nodule on the upper

			28566560 Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa.

			28540881 High B-cell-activating factor levels
			in endemic Tunisian pemphigus.

			28540880 Unilateral angiokeratoma of the
			scrotum (Fordyce's type) associated with a
			contralateral varicocele.

			28540879 Gabapentin for the management
			of vismodegib-induced muscle cramps.

			28540878 Chromoblastomycosis caused by
			Cladophialophora carrionii.

			28540877 Cutis laxa-like pseudoxanthoma
			elasticum with osteoma cutis.

			28540876 Actinomycotic osteomyelitis.

			28540875 A study on various Neisseria
			gonorrhoeae phenotypes circulating in Tripura.

			28540874 Computer assisted Objective
			structured clinical examination versus Objective
			structured clinical examination in assessment
			of Dermatology undergraduate students.

			28540873 Palmoplantar hyperhidrosis: A
			paradoxical presentation of acquired idiopathic
			generalized hypohidrosis.

			28540872 Dexamethasone-cyclophosphamide
			pulse therapy in systemic sclerosis: A
			retrospective study from a tertiary care hospital.

			28540871 Clinico-mycological study of
			dermatophytic infections and their sensitivity
			to antifungal drugs in a tertiary care center.

			28540870 Atorvastatin as adjunctive therapy
			for chronic plaque type psoriasis versus
			betamethasone valerate alone: A randomized,
			double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

			28540869 Clinical characteristics of pruritus
			in scabies.

			28540868 Ectodermal dysplasia-skin fragility
			syndrome with a new mutation.

			28540867 Generalized lichen planus developing
			at the healed sites of erythema multiforme in
			a human immunodeficiency virus-seropositive

			28513486 Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin-induced
			miliaria crystallina and lichenoid follicular eruption.

			28513485 Acantholysis or the Auspitz sign?
			A revelation of the life of Carl Heinrich Auspitz.

			28513484 Bilateral subungual epidermoid
			inclusions of big toes.

			28513483 A case of dermatomyositis with
			underlying unusual malignancy.

			28513482 Trichosporon inkin causing
			subcutaneous sinus tract: Successfully treated
			by oral and ultrasound-guided intralesional
			itraconazole therapy.

			28513481 Recurrent painful lesions on the
			lower lip.

			28485309 Reticulate erythema with ulceration.

			28485308 Adult Henoch-Schönlein purpura:
			Clinical and histopathological predictors of
			systemic disease and profound renal disease.

			28485307 Chinese version of the Treatment
			of Autoimmune Bullous Disease Quality of Life
			questionnaire: Reliability and validity.

			28485306 Onychoscopy: A practical guide.

			28485305 Occupational dermatoses: An Asian

			28474643 Subungual osteochondroma.

			28474642 A red, swollen and painful lesion
			on the right hand after local steroid injections.

			28474641 Upper genital tract infection due
			to Ureaplasma urealyticum: Etiological or
			syndromic management?

			28474640 The enigma of lamivudine rash:
			Experience on re-challenge from an anti retroviral
			treatment center in South India.

			28474639 Primary cutaneous extranodal
			natural killer/T-cell lymphoma presenting as
			bilateral erythematous patches on the arms.

			28474638 Expression of the receptor for
			advanced glycation end products in acquired
			reactive perforating collagenosis.

			28440268 Erratum: Clinical characteristics of
			acquired ungual fibrokeratoma.

			28440267 Erratum: Digital volumetric
			measurement of cutaneous leishmaniasis
			lesions: Blur estimation method.

			28440266 Prof. K. Siddappa (1931-2017).

			28440231 Multiple asymptomatic hard papules
			on cheeks in an elderly woman.

			28440230 Extensive milia formation in a young
			woman with bullous pemphigoid.

			28440229 Pigmented fungiform papillae in
			mother and daughter.

			28440228 Clinicoepidemiologic study of verruca
			plana at a tertiary care center.

			28397714 Effect of intravenous pulse
			dexamethasone versus daily oral prednisolone
			on bone mineral density in dermatology patients:
			Is it a site-specific response?

			28397713 Matting of body hair.

			28366928 A combination of oral azathioprine
			and methotrexate in difficult to treat dermatoses.

			28366927 Massive retiform hemangioendothelioma
			that expresses D2-40.

			28366926 Successful treatment of Rosai-Dorfman
			disease using in situ photoimmunotherapy.

			28366925 Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection:
			An often missed but potentially fatal cause of
			anemia and hypoalbuminemia in leprosy patients
			on long-term steroid therapy.

			28366924 Extrafacial lupus miliaris disseminatus
			faciei: A rare entity.

			28366923 Effectiveness, safety and tolerability
			of cyclosporine versus supportive treatment
			in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal
			Necrolysis: A record-based study.

			28366922 Human herpesvirus-8 and human
			cytomegalovirus infections in Bowen's disease:
			Is there any association?

			28366921 Digital volumetric measurement of
			cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions: Blur estimation

			28366920 Clear cell papulosis: A case report
			and its possible association with epidermal
			immature dendritic cells.

			28366919 Carcinoma erysipeloides due to
			primary cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.

			28366918 Dermatoscopic evaluation of three
			cases of nevus lipomatosus cutaneous

			28366917 Myiasis in a neglected case of
			generalized erythrodermic pemphigus foliaceus.

			28366916 Clinico-epidemiological study of
			tinea incognito with microbiological correlation.

			28366915 The menace of dermatophytosis
			in India: The evidence that we need.

			28366914 Beta-blockers in dermatology.

			28366913 Seborrheic melanosis: An entity
			worthy of mention in dermatological literature.

			28366912 Low-dose rituximab as an adjuvant
			therapy in pemphigus.

			28366911 Post-lower segment cesarean
			section wound infection with Mycobacterium

			28366910 Subcutaneous Saksenaea vasiformis
			infection presenting as disfiguring facial plaques.

			28366909 Ipsilateral facial paralysis and steroid

			28366908 Penile tuberculosis: A case report.

			28366907 Leaving a mark: Multiple geometric
			areas of alopecia.

			28366906 Response of superimposed linear
			psoriasis to ustekinumab: A case report.

			28276423 Clinico Epidemiological Study of
			26 Cases of Donovanosis.

			28276422 Dermatophytoses at Kurnool
			(Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh).

			28276421 The Treatment of Trichomoniasis
			with Neiaorazole-a Comparison of Single Dose
			and 24 Hour Therapy.

			28276420 Clotrimazole in the Treatment of
			Superficial Mycos.

			28276419 What is your diagnosis ?

			28276418 Evaluation of Clotrimazole, a New
			Broad-spectrum Antifungal Agent For

			28276417 Serum Cholesterol in Skin Disorders.

			28276416 Acne Cornea or Oil-Acne Simulating
			Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris.

			28276415 Fox Fordyce Disease (A case report).

			28276414 Systemic Photosensitivity towards
			Cyclophosphamide (Endoxan) (A case report).

			28276413 Primary Self Healing Squamous
			Epithelioma (A case report).

			28276412 Vitiligo and Myasthenia Gravis.

			28276411 What is your diagnosis?

			28276410 Disseminated Granuloma Annulare.

			28276409 Epidermolysis Bullosa Dystrophica
			Et Albo- Papuloidea Pasini (A Case Report).

			28276408 Human Scabies - A Continuing

			28276407 Candidiasis in Patients on

			28276406 A Study of Dermatomycoses.

			28276405 Non Secretor State - A Good
			Prognostic Sign in Vitiligo.

			28276404 Study of Histo-functional Complex
			of Liver in Leprosy.

			28276403 An Indigenous Line of Treatment
			For Molluscum Contagiosum.

			28276402 Treatment of Vitiligo with a
			Combination of Isoniazid and Thiacetazone -
			A Preliminary Report.

			28276401 Clinico-Pathological Study of Infective
			and Allergic Dermatoses.

			28276400 The Use of Topical Vitamin a Acid
			in Acne Vulgaris in Singapore.

			28276399 Editorial-Mycobacterium Leprae

			28276398 What is your diagnosis?

			28276397 Griseofulvin Therapy in Molluscum
			Contagiosum (A case report).

			28276396 The Natural History of Herpes

			28276395 Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (gronblad
			- Strandberg Syndrome).

			28276394 Milroy's Disease with Nephrotic

			28276393 Leprosy: Susceptibility concerning
			ABO Blood Groups and Study of VDRL Reaction.

			28276392 Reactions in Leprosy - Ii (management).

			28276391 A Study of 300 Cases of Psoriasis.

			28276390 Respiratory Responses of Candida
			Albicans As Influenced by Nystatin and

			28276389 Intestina Changes in Patients with
			Chronic Extensive Dermatoses.

			28276388 Trichophytin Test in Dermatophytoses.

			28276387 Blood Porphyrins in Normal

			28276386 Pattern of Skin Diseases in Kerala.

			28276385 Letters to the Editor.

			28276384 What is your diagnosis?

			28276383 Adenocarcinoma of the Sebaceous

			28276382 Syringoma (A Case Report).

			28276381 Erosion of Phalanx by Subungual
			Wart: Report of 2 Cases.

			28276380 Vitiligo in Association with Congenital
			Pigmented Naevus (A Case Report).

			28276379 Macular Amyloidosis (A Case Report).

			28276378 Chronic Pigmented Purpuric
			Dermatoses (A Case Report).

			28276377 An Unusual Presentation of Chronic
			Discoid Lupus Erythematus.

			28276376 Noculation Leprosy Subsequent
			To Roadside Injury.

			28276375 Evaluation of Gamma Benzene
			Hexachloride in Treatment of Scabies.

			28276374 Humoral Antibody Response in

			28276373 Comparative Metabolic Studies on
			the Sen Tissues of Normal and Psoriatic Content.

			28276372 Changing Trends in Dermatology.

			28276371 A Biologist looks at Skin Structure.

			28276370 Presidential address delivered at
			IV Annual Conference of I.A.D.V. & L.

			28276369 Text of Speech of Shri Fakhruddin
			Ali Ahmed.

			28276368 What is your diagnosis?

			28276367 Sporotrichosis in Madras.

			28276366 Adenoma Sebaceum - A histopathological

			28276365 BCG - From Tuberculosis to Cancer.

			28276364 A Study of Problem of Venereal
			Diseases Among University Male Resident

			28276363 Flagyl in Trichomoniasis.

			28276362 Efiology of Plantar Keratoderma.

			28276361 Evaluation of Retinoic Acid in Acne

			28276360 Septran in the Treatment of

			28276359 Study of Composrtion of Sweat in
			Dermatological Disorders.

			28276358 Autoimmunity.

			28276357 What is your diagnosis?

			28276356 Horny Syphilide.

			28276355 Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria
			(Gunthers Disease).

			28276354 Mycetoma of the Hand.

			28276353 Griseofulvin FP Therapy in Molluscum

			28276352 Evaluation of an Injectable Scabicidal
			Preparation - Scabiezma.

			28276351 Beclomethasone Dipropionate Its
			Efficacy and Percutaneous Absorption in

			28276350 A Clinical Assessment of a New
			Steroidal Cream Fluprednylidene-21-acetate

			28276349 Gentamicin - Hydrocoktisone Cream
			in Some Inflammatory Dermatoses.

			28276348 Cutaneous Manifestations in Diabetes
			Mellitus Study of 50 Cases.

			28276347 A Study of Serum and Skin Zinc in

			28276346 Relations of Age, Sex, Body Weight,
			Diet and Urinary Uroporphyrin Excretion in 100
			Normal Punjabis.

			28272061 Scrotal lymphangiectasia following

			28272060 Squamous cell carcinoma in
			long-standing chromoblastomycosis.

			28272059 Treatment of primary palmar
			hyperhidrosis using glycopyrrolate iontophoresis:
			Intensity of electrical current used, efficacy and
			side effects.

			28266495 Letter to the Editor.

			28266494 Self Assessment Programme.

			28266493 What is your diagnosis.

			28266492 Plasma cortisol levels in vitiligo.

			28266491 Mycosis Fungoides - Tumour

			28266490 Erb's Syphilitic Paraplegia.

			28266489 Lichen Planus Actinicus.

			28266488 Secondary Amyloidosis in Leprosy.

			28266487 Naevoxanthoendothelioma (Synonym:
			Juvenile Xanthogranuloma).

			28266486 Waardenburg's Syndrome with

			28266485 Therapeutic Evaluation of Topical
			Retinoic Acid in Acne Vulgaris.

			28266484 Herpes Progenitalis New Method
			of Treatment.

			28266483 Treatment of Lepromatous Leprosy
			with Clofazimine (B-633 Lamprene).

			28266482 Prevention of Leprosy.

			28266481 Warty dyskeratoma - a review of
			clinicopathological features, nature, morphogenesis,
			classification and nomenclature.

			28266480 Is there leprosy like disease in wild

			28266479 Spot the diagnosis.

			28266478 Perforation of the Hard Palate Due
			to Tuberculosis.

			28266477 Malignant Melanoma of Oral Cavity.

			28266476 Histopathological Study of Liver in

			28266475 Metronidazole in Scabies.

			28266474 Delusory Parasitosis.

			28266473 Assessment of Diabetic State in
			Various Skin Disorders Usually Associated with

			28266472 Pattern of Dermatophytes Affecting
			the Nails.

			28266471 Dermabrasion and Retinoic Acid
			in the Treatment of Pachyonychia Cogenita.

			28266470 Photochemotherapy For Psoria-sis.

			28266469 Epidemiological Clinical Serological
			and Histological Studies in Cases of Secondary

			28266468 Serological Screening For Syphilis
			in Antenatal Cases.

			28266467 Feature of Mononuclear Hugging
			in Vitiligo.

			28266466 Treatment of Warts.

			28266465 Self Assessment Programme.

			28266464 Current Dermatological Therapy.

			28266463 Mycosis Fungoides.

			28266462 Spot the diagnosis?

			28266461 Pellagra Associated with Psychosis.

			28266460 Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum.

			28266459 Abnormal Haemoglobin in a Psqriatic

			28266458 Symmetrical Progressive

			28266457 Papillon Lefevre Syndrome.

			28266456 White Sponge Naevus.

			28266455 Skin Sugar Levels in Normal and
			Psoriatic Skin.

			28266454 Darier's Disease.

			28266453 Skin Lesions (non Neoplastic and
			Non Hansen Disease) in Jabalpur Area.

			28266452 Serum Copper, Ceruloplasmin and
			Non Ceruloplasmin Copper Levels in
			Hyperpigmentary Disorders.

			28266451 Scabies- a mighty persistent
			pestering puzzle despite pesticides.

			28266450 Present day speciality of derm a
			tology on Indian scene.

			28266449 Obituary.

			28266448 What is your diagnosis?

			28266447 Self Assessment Programme.

			28266446 Precocious Tertiary Syphilis.

			28266445 Subcornfal Pustular Dermatosis.

			28266444 Larva Migrans.

			28266443 Xeroderma Pigmentosum.

			28266442 An Isolated Case of Hyperlipoproteinaemia
			Resembling Type II.

			28266441 Mycetoma in an Unusual Site.

			28266440 Epidermal Proliferations Overlying
			Granuloma Pyogenicum.

			28266439 Reactive Perforating Collagenosis.

			28266438 Clinical Evaluation of 'histryl' Elixir
			in Allergc Dermatoses.

			28266437 Lamprene in Vitiligo.

			28266436 A Clinical Study of Vitiligo.

			28266435 Histomorphological Spectrum of
			Changes in Three Clinical Stages of Vitiligo
			Active, Quiscent and Improving.

			28266434 Editorial.

			28266433 Self Assessment Programme.

			28266432 What is your diagnosis?

			28266431 Darier's Disease.

			28266430 Lichen Planus Actinicus.

			28266429 Syphilitic Macular Atrophy.

			28266428 Lichen Sclerosus Et Atrophicus of
			the Vulva.

			28266427 Tinea Imbricata.

			28266426 Xanthoma Eruptivum.

			28266425 Periungual Hypopigmentation From
			Intradermal Triamcinolone.

			28266424 Scabies - Ecology and Epidemiology.

			28266423 Study of Dermatoglyphics in

			28266422 A Cross Section of Skin Diseases
			in Bundelkhand Region, UP.

			28266421 Clerical. Evaluation of Cauticum in
			Verrucae Plana.

			28266420 All Purpose Penicillin (penidureap),
			Doxycycline (minibiotic), Trimethoprim-sulphamexthoxazole
			(septran) and Oxytetracycline (terramycin) in
			Acute Gonococcal Urethritis.

			28266419 Tetracycline Therapy in Nonspecific
			Urethritis with Particular Reference to

			28266418 Essential Cold Urticaria.

			28266417 Editorial.

			28266416 What is your diagnosis?

			28266415 Family Planning in Relation to Leprosy,
			Venereology & Dermatology.

			28266414 Syphilitic Osteomyelitis of Multiple

			28266413 Oculocutaneous Albinism.

			28266412 Vohwinkel Syndrome.

			28266411 Papulo Necrotic Tuberculid.

			28266410 Subcorneal Pustular Dermatosis.

			28266409 Pachyonychia Congenita.

			28266408 Bilateral Nevus of Ota.

			28266407 Immunlogical Responses in Psoriasis.

			28266406 Anxiety and Hyperhidrosis.

			28266405 Alkaline Phosphates Levels of
			Psoriatic and Normal Skin.

			28266404 Treatment of Palmoplantar

			28266403 Studies on Vitiligo with Special
			Reference to Neural Concept.

			28266402 Editorial.

			28266401 Letters to the Editor.

			28266400 Trichoepithelioma.

			28266399 Cutaneous Larva Migrans.

			28266398 Pachyonychia Congenita with
			Abnormalities of the Hair.

			28266397 Lichenoid Drug Eruption Simulating
			Atopic Dermatitis.

			28266396 Recurrent Erythema Multiforme
			Associated with Relapsing Herpes Simplex.

			28266395 Condylomata Acuminata - A Clinical

			28266394 Acne Conglobata.

			28266393 Sexually Transmiwed Diseases in

			28266392 Limitations of Clofazimine in Reactions
			in Leprosy.

			28266391 What is your diagnosis?

			28266390 Self Assessment Programme.

			28266389 Exfoliative Dermatitis: Study of
			Systemic Manifestations.

			28266388 Vitiligo and Abnormal Glucose
			Tolerance Test.

			28266387 Urticaria Calorica.

			28266386 Neuronal Studies in Vitiligo.

			28266385 Glaxo Oration 1971.

			28266384 Editorial.

			28266383 Letter to the Editor.

			28266382 Demodectic Diseases in Human

			28266381 Mycosis Fungoides.

			28266380 Sporotrichosis.

			28266379 Darier's Disease.

			28266378 Herpes Zoster Associated with
			Chicken Pox.

			28266377 Early Syphilis and Hepatic Function.

			28266376 What is your diagnosis ?

			28266375 Dermatoglyphics in Darier's Disease.

			28266374 Urinary 17-ketosteroid in Vitiligo.

			28266373 Methylene Blue And, Photoinactivation
			in Herpes-progenitalis.

			28266372 Betamethasone in Herpes Zoster.

			28266371 Plasma Cortisol Levels in Patients
			Treated Extensively with Fluprednylidene-21
			Acetate Topical Cream (decoderm).

			28266370 Some investigation observation on
			Pigmentary Disturbance- An Enigmatic Chapter
			in Dermatology.

			28266369 Editorial.

			28266368 Address Editor's.

			28266367 Abstracts Presidential.

			28266366 What is your diagnosis ?

			28266365 Sjogren Larsson Syndrome (Two
			case reports).

			28266364 Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome (gorlin's

			28266363 White Spongy Nevus(familial
			Congenital Leuko Keratosis).

			28266362 Chromoblastomycosis (A case

			28266361 Scleredema with Systemic

			28266360 Lamellar Ichthyosis of the Newborn.

			28266359 Subcorneal Pustular Dermatosis.

			28266358 Neurosyphilis (asymtomatic) with
			Psychiatric Manifestations (A Case Report).

			28266357 Tropical Ulcer : Case Report.

			28266356 Erythema Multiforme with Depigmentation.

			28266355 Estimation of Porphyrins in Cases
			of Polymorphic Light Eruptions.

			28266354 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome : A
			Study of 17 Cases.

			28266353 Hyperhidrosis-An Aetiological

			28223665 Self-assessment programme.

			28223664 What is your diagnosis ?

			28223663 An Unusual -large Sized Rhinophyma.

			28223662 Pemphigus Foliaceus.

			28223661 Trigeminal Trophic Syndrome.

			28223660 Secondary Syphilis Showing
			Granulomatous Reaction not Responding To
			Conventional Doses of Penicillin.

			28223659 Clinical Pattern of Pseudoxanthoma
			Elasticum in Indian Sub-continent.

			28223658 Comparative Investigation with
			Fluprednylidene Acetate (decoderma).

			28223657 Trial of Oxytetracycline in Acute

			28223656 Effect of Photochemotherapy on
			Blood Chemistry of Psoriatic Patients.

			28223655 Tissue sulphydryl groups and ascorbic
			acid in vitiligo.

			28223654 Blood Sugar and Serum Cholesterol
			Levels in Psoriasis.

			28223653 Clinicobacteriological Study of Acne

			28223652 Quantitative Assay of Umbilical Cord
			Blood Porphyrins - a Spectrophotometric

			28223651 Ecological Study of Skin Diseases
			in Delhi Area.

			28223650 Venereal Diseases and General

			28223649 Dr. Basker Ambady Memorial Oration
			197} Parakeratosis and disseminated superficial
			actinic porokeratosis.

			28223648 Scleroderma.

			28223647 Letter to the Editor.

			28223646 Current Dermatological Therapy:
			Acne vulgaris - the boils of lust.

			28223645 What is your diagnosis ?

			28223644 Oesteolytic Lesions in Early Syphilis.

			28223643 Clutton's Joints.

			28223642 Trichosporon Beigelli Infection in

			28223641 Actinomycetoma Pedis Due to
			Nocardla Caviae in India.

			28223640 Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in
			Newborn Infant.

			28223639 Angiokeratoma Circumscriptum.

			28223638 Bullosis Diabeticorum.

			28223637 Loss of Pigment in Becker's

			28223636 Rose-waaler Test in Syphilis.

			28223635 Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoretic
			Pattern of Serum Proteins in Lymphogranuloma

			28223634 Dermatophytic Profile of Chhotanagpur.

			28223633 Skin Sodium, Potassium and
			Glycogen Levels in Psoriatic Patients Under

			28223632 Psoriasis - a Clinical and Some
			Biochemical Investigative Study.

			28223631 A quantitative assay of faecal

			28223630 Leishmania Tropica in Oriental Sore.

			28223629 About illustration departments.

			28223628 Self-assessment programme.

			28223627 What is your diagnosis?

			28223626 Klippel - Trenaunay - Weber

			28223625 Nocardia Mycetoma At Unusual

			28223624 Rothmund-thomson Syndrome.

			28223623 Melkersson Rosenthal Syndrome.

			28223622 Thalassaemia Producing Leg Ulcer.

			28223621 Reiter's Syndrome.

			28223620 Gummatous Syphilis.

			28223619 Neisseria Meningitides in Urogenital

			28223618 Letter to the Editor.

			28223617 Therapeutic Effect of Anti- Bacterial
			Agents in Urticaria.

			28223616 Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.

			28223615 Appraisal of Efficacy of Two Anti
			Dandruff Formulation.

			28223614 Donovanosls in North India.

			28223613 Study of Granuloma Venereum.

			28223612 Haemophilus ducreyi in asymptomatic

			28223611 Haemophilus Ducreyi in Asympmatic

			28223610 Sex Education.

			28223609 Sex Education.

			28223608 Leishmaniasis.

			28223607 Association News and Notes.

			16394354 Comparison of two systems of
			classification of leprosy based on number of
			skin lesions and number of body areas
			involved--a clinicopathological concordance

			16394353 Dexamethasone-cyclophosphamide
			pulse therapy in systemic lupus erythematosus.

			16394352 Treatment of keloids and hypertrophic

			16394351 Reporting of drug eruptions: the
			National Pharmacovigilance Program.

			12311790 Effect of oral contraceptives on
			urinary porphyrins.

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