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  Source:		PMID: 8548797
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    		Cell. 1995 Dec 29;83(7):1091-100.
			Virus induction of human IFN beta gene expression
			requires the assembly of an enhanceosome.

			Thanos D(1), Maniatis T.

			Author Information
			(1) Department of Molecular and Cellular
			Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge,
			Massachusetts 02138, USA.

			We present evidence that transcriptional
			activation of the human interferon-beta
			(IFN beta) gene requires the assembly of
			a higher order transcription enhancer complex
			(enhanceosome). This multicomponent complex
			includes at least three distinct transcription
			factors and the high mobility group protein
			HMG I(Y). Both the in vitro assembly and
			in vivo transcriptional activity of this
			complex require a precise helical relationship
			between individual transcription factor-binding
			sites. In addition, HMG I(Y), which binds
			specifically to three sites within the enhancer,
			promotes cooperative binding of transcriptional
			factors in vitro and is required for transcriptional
			synergy between these factors in vivo. Thus,
			HMG I(Y) plays an essential role in the
			assembly and function of the IFN beta gene

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