PubMed Journals: J Biol Chem

  Source:		PMID: 8407908

    		J Biol Chem. 1993 Oct 5;268(28):20801-7.
			Cloning and characterization of the gene
			encoding the human platelet glycoprotein
			V. A member of the leucine-rich glycoprotein
			family cleaved during thrombin-induced platelet

			Lanza F(1), Morales M, de La Salle C, Cazenave
			JP, Clemetson KJ, Shimomura T, Phillips

			Author Information
			(1) Centre Régional de Transfusion Sanguine,
			Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche
			Médicale Unité 311, Strasbourg, France.

			Glycoprotein V (GPV) is a major platelet
			membrane 82-kDa glycoprotein, missing in
			the Bernard-Soulier syndrome, that is cleaved
			when platelets are treated with thrombin.
			We report the cloning and sequencing of
			the GPV cDNA and gene obtained by a combination
			of polymerase chain reaction amplification
			of platelet mRNA and genomic library screening.
			The single-copy gene for GPV is contained
			within 6.5 kilobase pairs (kb) of genomic
			sequence and has a simple structure with
			a single intron of 958 base pairs in the
			5'-untranslated sequence; the coding sequence
			is contained within a single exon. The promoter
			region contains a canonical TATA box, and
			putative GATA, Ets-1, and Sp1 cis-acting
			elements. Reverse transcription-polymerase
			chain reaction analysis on RNAs from cells
			of different hematopoietic origins revealed
			that GPV was specifically transcribed from
			platelets and from cells of the megakaryocytic
			lineage (megakaryocytes, HEL cells). A single
			transcript of 4.5 kb for GPV was detected
			in human platelets by Northern blot analysis.
			The entire amino acid sequence of GPV was
			deduced from the cDNA and genomic sequences.
			Mature GPV was composed of 544 amino acids
			which contained a single transmembrane domain,
			a short cytoplasmic domain (16 residues),
			and a large extracellular domain with 8
			potential N-glycosylation sites. Analysis
			of the extracellular domain revealed the
			presence of 15 tandem Leu-rich repeats of
			24 amino acids with homology to GPIb alpha
			and identified a cleavage site for thrombin
			near the COOH terminus with similarity to
			the A alpha chain of fibrinogen, but no
			hirudin-like sequence was found.

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