PubMed Journals: Can Commun Dis Rep

  Source:		PMID: 31007619

    		Can Commun Dis Rep. 2018 May 3;44(5):102-105.
     		eCollection 2018 May 3.

			An overview of the National Microbiology
			Laboratory emergency management program.

			Marcino D(1)(2), Gordon K(1).

			Author Information
			(1) National Microbiology Laboratory, Public
			Health Agency of Canada, WinnipegMB.
			(2) Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network.

			The National Microbiology Laboratory (NML)
			emergency management program was developed
			after the 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
			(SARS) outbreak to provide a framework for the
			responses to public health events. The program
			comprises three components (Site response,
			Continuity and Site support) that have adopted
			the Incident Command System (ICS) as their
			management structure and follows the four
			phases of emergency management. All program
			components have extensive competency-based
			training for staff and exercise plans. The
			emergency management program ensures quality
			and continuous improvement through its certification
			in International Organization for Standardization
			(ISO) 9001 and structured review processes.
			This means that the Operations Centre can
			be activated and working at optimum capacity
			with highly trained and experienced staff
			within an hour of receiving notice to begin
			a response. The NML can also send mobile
			laboratories to aid Canadian or international
			efforts to address outbreaks or bioterrorism

			PMCID: PMC6449121 PMID: 31007619

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