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  Source:		PMID: 12730500
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    		Science. 2003 May 30;300(5624):1394-9. Epub
     		2003 May 1.

			Characterization of a novel coronavirus
			associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome.

			Rota PA(1), Oberste MS, Monroe SS, Nix WA,
			Campagnoli R, Icenogle JP, Peñaranda S,
			Bankamp B, Maher K, Chen MH, Tong S, Tamin
			A, Lowe L, Frace M, DeRisi JL, Chen Q, Wang
			D, Erdman DD, Peret TC, Burns C, Ksiazek
			TG, Rollin PE, Sanchez A, Liffick S, Holloway
			B, Limor J, McCaustland K, Olsen-Rasmussen
			M, Fouchier R, Günther S, Osterhaus AD,
			Drosten C, Pallansch MA, Anderson LJ, Bellini

			Author Information
			(1) National Center for Infectious Diseases,
			Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
			Atlanta, GA 30333, USA. prota@cdc.gov

			Comment in Science. 2003 May 30;300(5624):1377-8.

			In March 2003, a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV)
			was discovered in association with cases
			of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).
			The sequence of the complete genome of SARS-CoV
			was determined, and the initial characterization
			of the viral genome is presented in this
			report. The genome of SARS-CoV is 29,727
			nucleotides in length and has 11 open reading
			frames, and its genome organization is similar
			to that of other coronaviruses. Phylogenetic
			analyses and sequence comparisons showed
			that SARS-CoV is not closely related to
			any of the previously characterized coronaviruses.

			DOI: 10.1126/science.1085952 PMID: 12730500
			[Indexed for MEDLINE]

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